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Je m'appelle Raphael Aleixo, et c'est ce que je fais.

Welcome to my online portfolio and CV

I am a UX, UI and front end specialist from Brazil. What started off 14 years ago as an adventure through wireframes and layouts, has turned into passion for front end development and game design. Honing these skills has allowed my UX and UI roots to grow deeper into everything I do, making it all come together.

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Selected work


UX/UI Front End Game Design

A realtime multiplayer (non-official) version of Vlaada Chvátil's awarded boardgame, where players use their smartphones and a big screen (as a TV) to play together.


UX/UI Front End Branding

I've had the chance to redesign all of Lumis' visual identity, bringing more color and illustrations to what used to be very technical and impersonal.

Lumis Experience Platform

UX/UI Front End

Following the rebranding of Lumis' visual identity, I wanted to also rebrand its main product, LumisXP, bringing cohesiveness into the entire Lumis brand and portfolio of products.

Kube Arquitetura

UX/UI Branding Front End

I've created Kube's visual identity from its start as an architecture firm. Since their essence is to design commercial spaces for all the senses, my work as a designer here also had to inspire a multitude of feelings.


Game Design Graphic Design Development

Loodo was a personal project, as a study in game design. All of its production was shared in a blog, that was quoted/mentioned in books by influential game designers like Raph Koster and Ian Bogost.


UX/UI Front End

I had the chance to lead the UX and UI design for Essia, an online app for sharing and reading textbooks with classmates and teachers, in a collaborative space.

Copa Shopping

UX/UI Front End

I came up with the concept of Copa Shopping, a fictional shopping center website, built to showcase LumisXP's personalization features, user segmentation possibilities and user journey analysis.


UX/UI Front End

I was responsible for the redesign of the Para's Public Ministry website. The original website was dated and had a poor UX, so the aim of this project was to modernize the website and make it more accessbile to users.

Jornada para o Futuro

UX/UI Front End

I had a single week to think up the concept and develop the UX and front end for this project, which aims to promote SulAmerica's Digital Transformation.

Paula Neves 💕 Raphael Aleixo

UX/UI Branding Front End

As a designer, one of the projects I loved the most was creating the "brand", website and invitations for my Punk-Rock wedding with Paula Neves.

About me

Front end developer and UX specialist, I have 14 years of experience in designing for web and digital media and have a horizontal approach to the process. I have had the chance to work for some of the biggest companies in Brazil, from ad agencies to software houses.

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36 Years old (03 May 1983), from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Happily married to Paula Neves

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I've worked with UI/UX and game design, front end development and product management.

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I love playing board and card games, making (and drinking) caipirinhas, and collecting all sorts of stuff.

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Punk Rock and Ska! But I also listen to all those 80/90's catchy pop songs when nobody is looking.

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Nice to meet you! If you want to keep in touch, send me a message using my email or phone details above, or use this form right here! Let's talk about design projects, game design theory or about The Clash being the most awesome band ever! You can also follow my online rants about Botafogo, the soccer team I support, although I highly discourage you spend your time with that activity. Anyway, you can hit me up on the social networks below:

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